The Village of Hartland maintains 9 parks throughout town, totaling more than 85 acres of playground equipment, sports facilities, walking trails and more. Parks along the river give breathtaking views and provide

outdoor enjoyment year-round. Nature trails and pathways, notably the local segment of the Ice Age Trail (one of only eight national scenic trails in the nation), accommodate runners, walkers and those interested in wildlife and scenery. Twelve lakes are located within five miles of Hartland and several golf courses are in the area, as well.

Bark River Greenway

The Bark River Greenway is a 1.7 acre urban greenspace located in north central Hartland. The Greenway is south and west of Lawn Street, south of Bark River Park and is bisected by the Bark River. It is mostly open lawn area with several large shade trees located along the River. A foot bridge at the south side of the greenway connects the central business district of Hartland with the Greenway. The area is very scenic.

Bark River Park

Bark River Park is also located along the river at the end of Church Street, across from Hartland / Lakeside North Elementary School. The park is equipped with a softball field, large shelter, canteen, and bleachers. Softball tournaments sponsored by the Hartland Athletic Association are held at this park throughout the summer.

Castle Park

Castle Park is a 4.2 acre neighborhood park in the southeast corner Hartland. It is located in the middle of the Hartridge Subdivision to the east of Maple Avenue. Castle Park is situated in the center of a residential block, with the park boundaries being the back lot lines of the neighboring single family homes. Access to the park is by paved pathways off of Hartridge Drive, Oxford Drive, and Penbrook Way. In addition to the asphalt trail system, Castle Park contains an open-sided shelter, several benches and picnic tables, and a large variety of children’s play equipment.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is bounded by the Bark River on the west and Highway K to the north. It is the most recent park to be developed. It sports a playground and soccer field, and is the home field for the Lake Country Chiefs football team. The field has bleacher seating and a lighted scoreboard. There are plans in place to build a permanent restroom in 2014, followed by a shelter in 2015.

Hartbrook Park

Hartbrook Park is located just north of Hartbrook Drive and is bounded by the Bark River on the west and Rae Drive on the east. Hartbrook Park has a baseball diamond, soccer field, shelter, restrooms, basketball court, volleyball pit, and play equipment. The Ice Age Trail enters the northwest corner of Hartbrook Park, where a pedestrian bridge crosses the Bark River. The trail continues north on Rae Drive to Centennial Park.

Hartbrook Park

Joliet Park

Joliet Park is a 1.6 acre neighborhood park in Hartland’s far northeast corner. The park is bounded by Anton Road on the west and north, by Dona Road on the south, and by private residences on the east. Joliet Park contains one softball diamond, several picnic tables and benches, and a variety of children’s play equipment.

Nixon Park

Nixon Park is located at Goodwin and E. Park. The park is home to the Splash Pad and Fine Arts Center and also includes a baseball diamond with bleachers and dugouts, four tennis courts, soccer fields, four shelters, restrooms, and play equipment. A pond fed by the Bark River provides hours of fishing enjoyment for everyone. A handicapped accessible pathway winds along the river bank and around the pond. It is a great place to picnic and play. Pathways at the southeast corner of the park connect with a path around Mill Place subdivision or a path along Maple Avenue. The Ice Age Trail enters the southwest end of Nixon Park and continues north through the park, behind the Hartland Public Library, through the downtown, along the Bark River past the Village of Hartland Fire Dept and Bark River Park to eventually connect with Hartbrook Park.

Nottingham Park

Nottingham Park is a 1.7 acre urban greenspace in the far southeast corner of the Village. This park was developed around the Village water tower that was constructed several years ago. The park consists of a heavily wooded hill with a paved trail leading up to the water tower and two paved trails leading to other public accesses off the public streets. There are no other facilities in Nottingham Park.

Penbrook Park

Penbrook Park is located at the end of Penbrook Way in Hartridge Subdivision. Penbrook Park has tennis courts, a soccer field, a baseball field, and play equipment. Walking paths connect with pathways west to Maple Avenue and south throughout Hartridge Subdivision.